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  • Best Value

    Sacred Heart Space Mentorship Program

    Every week
    A one-on-one mentorship with Blue
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Light Language Activation for Self-Discovery
    • Light language practices for heart-centered awareness
    • Emotional Alchemy with Light Language
    • Connecting with the heart's wisdom through the language
    • Visioning and Manifestation with Light Language
    • Opportunities for one-on-one sessions and ongoing community
    • Q&A session for clarifications and sharing experiences.
  • Activating Dormant Multidimensional DNA

    Every month
    Welcome to our transformative online course where we delve into the profound practice of activating dormant multidimensional DNA using the power of Light Language.
    Valid for 2 months
    • Exploring concepts of multidimensional DNA
    • How Light Language connects to the universal energy field
    • Activating the Sacred Heart Space: Techniques and practices
    • Utilizing Light Language for DNA activation
    • Understanding different dimensions of existence
    • Techniques for accessing higher realms and cosmic wisdom
    • Strategies for continued growth and evolution
    • Live session with the facilitator for personalized guidance
    • Printable affirmations & journal prompt for self-reflection

Intended results will vary depending upon the individual.

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