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"Delsol’s energy is infectious. His healing words, light language and calm demeanor embody what “raising the collective conscious” means. His light worker gift brings me joy and peace every time I’m in his energy field. Please do your soul a favor and work with DelSol."

**J India of Two Inches Off the Ground podcast**

"I recently went to Delsol to help guide me through some dreams I had been having. He not only helped me interpret them, but he also lifted the veil and revealed new layers of the dream that brought me peace and understanding. Working with him has been so restorative to my soul!"

**Catherine Terry, Client**

"KUPAIANAHA - is one of my favorite Hawaiian words in the Hawaiian Dictionary. It has several meanings compiled into one beautiful word: surprising, strange, wonderful, unaccountable, amazing, extraordinary, marvelous; astonishing situation. All of these describe my experience with Del Sol. My heart coherence session with him was unlike any other! So much love and ancient remembrance in this sacred space! I highly recommend this beautiful human being to anyone looking to find that missing piece to their heart and soul. Del Sol is the man who will help you find it!"

**Tiare Lum**

"My soul introduced me to Delsol. He brings it by connecting you to your hearts remembrances. He assisted me in emerging from the deepest parts of my soul to wake up & remember. Delsol is a breath of fresh air."


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